by kelly on January 26, 2011

Tonight, we went to see the movie/TV pilot “A-Town” at the Alameda Theatre.

Set in the fictional town of “Almedan,” actually filmed in Alameda, there was a lot of “Hey! I know that place!” whispers  in the audience.

In fact, Bill saw them filming one day when he was out and we realized that his truck was parked juuuust out of frame in one of the scenes. It’s a near-brush with fame!

Meanwhile, all I could think was: “How did Alameda police officers feel when they saw this film?”


It might be time…

by kelly on January 19, 2011

… to take down the Christmas decorations.

I do love those stars around the mirror in the bathroom, though.



by kelly on January 16, 2011

Went to Habanas today for lunch. Delicious, delicious mojitos!

(The food’s good too!)


The last 1%

by kelly on January 11, 2011

When we remodeled our house, several people told us, “The last 1% takes as long to do as the first 99%.” At that time, I did not understand that phrase.

Now I do. And I’ll correct it: The last 1% takes waaaay longer. The first 99% took 8 months. Then we moved into the house.

We’re coming up on 6 years living here now, and that last 1% still isn’t done. It’s all cosmetic and doesn’t impede our living in it, sooo… yeah. Just hasn’t gotten done.

Today, we hired someone to take care of some of the long-languishing items, particularly installing some trim in the kitchen that looks terrible. So. Exciting!

Now we need to get a painter in here to finish stuff up.


Bar hoppin’

by kelly on January 8, 2011

We went out tonight to bid adieu to our friends Tina and Stuart, who are going to travel the world. The place was packed, but the service was fast and friendly and the BLT was delicious.

We headed on home through the Tube of Potential Doom (Why does everyone drive 70mph in there? Seriously.) And then we said, “Hey — let’s stay out!” (Novel concept for us.)

We tried to hit up the Fireside, as we’ve never been there before, but it’s been shut down, so that was no good.

So we ended up at the Hob Nob. Bill had oysters and I had my first ever Long Island Iced Tea (delicious!) I also took an arty photo of this candle:

Good times!


Lazy Sunday

by kelly on January 2, 2011

Make a lap and Biscuit will land on it.


Here’s to Life

by kelly on January 1, 2011

Have not had Life cereal in years and years and years…

It was just as delicious as I remember it!


Welcome to 2011

by kelly on January 1, 2011

Let’s have a good one!


Mitten in Winter

by kelly on December 27, 2010

Like chocolate and peanut butter, Michigan and Ohio go together over a week long holiday break. At least, for us.

Most of the photos I took in Michigan were of the wintery variety:

Snow is lovely, but I sure do hate cold weather.

At one point, I asked Bill fearfully: “Will it ever stop snowing?” It just… didn’t feel like it would.

If we ever move back, I’ll need an attached garage.


Holidays in Ohio

by kelly on December 27, 2010

Highlights included…

Playing Shoot the Moon:

(Bill is good, I’m as terrible as I ever was as a child)

Drinking tequila:


(Love that “Heart of it all” logo on there. Go, Ohio!)

And beer:

This beer was an awesome finish to the trip, after hearing the legends of it as we traveled in Ohio — made by the Great Lakes Brewing Company, it only comes out at Christmas and it sells like hotcakes. It’s called “Christmas Ale,” but we heard a story of it being called “Christmas Jail” because the alcohol content is so high that everyone gets waaaay too drunk on it and, well, ends up in jail.

Seems like everyone had a story that went something like, “They were unloading 25 cases of it when I arrived at the grocery store. I went shopping for 30 minutes, came back and there were only 4 cases left.” We tried to score some on our way to Michigan to take to Bob, but no dice.

When we were leaving Cleveland, we got to the airport super early in the morning, bellied up to the bar, and got ourselves some Christmas Ale. At, you know, 7am. Whatever. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.